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Korean Bibimbap Joins the Lineup at Somerville’s Bow Market

Perillas will spend six months in the two-level complex

Korean bibimbap from Perillas

A new member joins the lineup of food and beverage vendors at Somerville’s ever-growing Bow Market next month, but its set-up will be a bit different from the rest of the existing and soon-to-open establishments there. Perillas, a pop-up and catering operation that serves Korean bibimbap, will move into the two-level complex for a six-month residency, the first in a planned series of food vendors to rotate through Bow Market, according to Perillas founder James Choi. (The other food spaces at the market are more permanent.)

Bibimbap is a classic Korean dish with many variations, but it’s generally rice mixed with assorted vegetables, meat, and egg. The Perillas version starts with a base of rice or greens topped with bulgogi beef or marinated tofu and assorted pickled vegetables, carrots, and zucchini. Sauces and garnishes like scallions or nori round out the bowls, which can accommodate vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets.

Perillas first popped onto the scene in March, and Choi later connected with Foundation Kitchen, a shared culinary space in Somerville, which gave him a base for pop-ups and catering.

As vendors filled into Bow Market, one spot remained open, and Choi expressed interest.

“They wanted to use [it] as a kind of rotating long-term pop-up for people like me who wanted to launch a business with lower capital.” he said.

Perillas’s pop-up will last six months, and with the space mostly built out, Choi will be able to customize a few things to accommodate his needs.

“This will be a very quick turnaround,” he said. “It will open up a whole new pool of people we can reach.”

Once Perillas gets approval to open at Bow Market, Choi aims to serve lunch and dinner, likely Tuesday through Saturday, but he may start off gradually, operating three to four days a week to start and working up to a fuller schedule.

Over time, Choi also plans to expand the menu to include some additional protein options and sauces.

The next opportunity to try Perillas will fall on Thursday, August 23, for a pop-up at Lamplighter in Cambridge. Choi estimates Perillas could open at Bow Market in early September, pending city approvals.

Meanwhile, most of the market’s other food options are still in the works as well, headed toward summer and fall openings — a wine bar, a cocktail lounge/gallery, a Mike & Patty’s sibling serving North Shore roast beef sandwiches and South Shore bar pizza, a vegetarian version of Saus, a chocolate shop, and lots more. Already open: an empanada shop, a macaron shop, a pierogi shop, and a brewery/cafe.

Elsewhere in Somerville’s Union Square neighborhood, Korean food lovers can visit Buk Kyung and Reliable Market.

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