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A Neighborhood Spot in South Boston Reverts Back to Its Previous Incarnation

The short-lived transformation of the Playwright into the Punk & Poet has been nixed

The Punk & Poet
See ya later, all that plaid
The Punk & Poet/Official Site

The Punk & Poet will become the Playwright again. The latter — Joey Arcari and Julian Bolger’s beloved Southie haunt, which opened in 2000 — closed in August 2017 after 17 years. Under the same ownership, it reopened as the Punk & Poet and lasted for just 11 months.

In September 2017, Derek Alten, the director of emerging brands for Arcari’s Tavern in the Square Restaurant Group, told Eater that the Punk & Poet was replacing the Playwright as a way to “reintroduce ourselves to our ever-changing neighborhood.” Alten also told Eater that the neighborhood’s reception had been “phenomenal” and that the team felt “lucky because the neighborhood has been open to the new concept.”

Despite all the goodwill and excitement surrounding the Punk & Poet, they decided to go back to their roots.

“We closed down today [Monday, August 20, 2018] with plans to reopen as soon as possible,” Katie Lang told Eater via Email. Lang is the property and relationship manager for Broadway Hospitality Group, the parent company behind Punk & Poet, the Broadway, Tavern in the Square, and more. “[We have a] target [reopening] date of Monday, but it could be sooner. [We’re] just going back to a neighborhood favorite, bringing back menu items that our guests have been missing, and just more of a chill, laid back atmosphere and not so in your face.”

Say goodbye to all that plaid, and welcome back to an old neighborhood favorite.

Update, August 24, 2018: The Playwright (re)opens tonight.

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The Punk & Poet

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