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Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream Rolls Into Back Bay

I-CE-NY has opened its first location in Boston

I-CE-NY mango sticky rice rolls
I-CE-NY mango sticky rice rolls

As Boston’s frozen yogurt wave subsides, a rolled ice cream wave rises in its place. Thai-style rolled ice cream made its first surge last year, with several shops like HiB3ar, Crepe & Ice Cream 89C, and NextDoor Cafe opening up in Allston. New York’s Juicy Spot Cafe brought its own rolled ice cream to Chinatown, and now I-CE-NY, another ice cream shop with ties to New York (and beyond), has made its debut in Boston, opening at 217 Newbury St. in Back Bay.

The shop has its roots in Thailand (under the name I-TIM-PAD), and with several locations in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida, I-CE-NY specializes in customizable rolled ice cream treats. Its flavor of the hour is a mango sticky rice ice cream, with a mango base flavor, coconut milk sticky rice, and coconut sauce.

All the ingredients are chilled, mixed, and rolled on a cold metal plate and served up rolled in two minutes. Other flavors include strawberry, s’mores, and banana pudding. There are more than a dozen options for mix-in items — including berries, caramel sauce, and cookies — and extra toppings for customization.

While I-CE-NY’s website previously displayed a second forthcoming location in Packard’s Corner, it has since been removed, so this might be the final addition to Boston’s rolled ice cream scene for now.

The Back Bay shop operates seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Through August 3, I-CE-NY is offering a 10% discount, followed by a buy-one-get-one deal as a grand opening celebration on August 4.

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I-CE-NY (Back Bay)

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