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Providence Restaurant Will Expand Its Fried Chicken and Fish Bonanza to Boston

Bucktown Chicken & Fish is coming to Mission Hill

Bucktown po’ boy spread

A two-year-old restaurant in Providence’s Federal Hill neighborhood will soon expand northward to Boston’s Mission Hill. Bucktown Chicken & Fish — known simply as Bucktown in Providence — aims to open at 1522 Tremont St. on the Roxbury line, according to co-owner Adam Mir.

Bucktown specializes in Southern comfort food, and more specifically, fried comfort food. (And it’s “worth every blessed calorie,” per the Providence Journal.) Chef Ashley Faulkner takes cues from her family’s home cooking and recipes for the menu, which includes everything from chicken and waffles to fried fish sandwiches, shrimp and oyster po’ boys, hush puppies, and fried green tomatoes.

Faulkner and Mir will bring that same spirit to their Boston restaurant, but Mission Hill’s Bucktown won’t be an exact replica.

“We’re going to expand our seafood offerings,” Mir said.

They’ll have more room to do so, too: The Mission Hill space spans about 1,200 square feet, compared to the 700 square feet of the Providence restaurant, which is a no-frills, counter-service operation. According to Mir, they’ll expand the menu, service, and beverage program for Boston. Bucktown goes before the City of Boston’s licensing board on Wednesday, August 1, and will apply for a full liquor license.

While there’s not yet a specific timeline for opening, Boston can expect an explosion of fried chicken and seafood options with the eventual arrival of Bucktown.

Chicken and waffles at Bucktown in Providence
Chicken and waffles at Bucktown in Providence

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Bucktown Chicken & Fish

1522 Tremont Street, , MA 02120