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A Vegetable-Laden Somerville Cafe Shutters This Weekend

Blue Shirt Cafe closes after business on Sunday, July 29

Blue Shirt Cafe
Blue Shirt Cafe
Jay N./Yelp

Somerville’s Blue Shirt Cafe (424 Highland Ave., Davis Square) will close down on Sunday, July 29, after more than 20 years in business. The cafe specializes in vegetarian and vegan food, in addition to coffee and tea beverages, smoothies, and juices.

Blue Shirt has been around since the late ’90s, and while there are a few offerings that include meat, over the years the cafe has established itself as a haven for diners eager to avoid some or all animal byproducts. Its menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ranging from egg wraps and pancakes to vegetable soups, salads, panini, wraps and more.

When Blue Shirt Cafe closes, it will fall to nearby establishments like Diesel Cafe, Oat Shop, Davis Square Donuts & Bagels, and a few others to hold down the cafe fort for the neighborhood. Other vegetarian-friendly cafes nearby include Life Alive and VO2 Vegan Cafe in Cambridge’s Central Square, as well as Clover in Central, Harvard, and beyond.

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