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Ice Cream Sandwich Truck Gets a Shave Ice Sibling

Boston SnoMobile serves flavored frozen treats

Boston SnoMobile
Boston SnoMobile shave ice
Boston SnoMobile/Instagram

Boston’s Cookie Monstah ice cream sandwich business now has a fruity, frozen counterpart. Boston SnoMobile (styled as SnōMobile) specializes in shave ice of all kinds, from Hawaii to New Orleans and Baltimore, with a host of sweet toppings. The truck is available for hire and comes to the streets of Boston after months (and miles) of research from its founders.

Scott and Melissa Gale have operated the Cookie Monstah food truck for several years, as well as a newer brick-and-mortar Cookie Monstah bake shop in Danvers. Now they’ve added the shave ice truck to the mix, to the delight of their four children.

The truck offers three kinds of frozen treats in multiple flavors. There’s a Hawaiian version of shave ice — which bears resemblance to fluffy snow — with a choice of up to three flavors, where folks can choose from cotton candy, grape, coconut, horchata, lemon-lime, piña colada, mango or egg custard, among others. The other two desserts are modeled after snowballs (or sno-balls) from New Orleans and Baltimore, with a plain ice base and optional flavorings.

Several specials add some extra toppings to each of these styles. There’s the Big Kahuna, a Hawaiian ice with syrup and vanilla ice cream; the Inner Harbor, a Baltimore-style snowball with syrup and marshmallow sauce; and the “Big Freasy,” a New Orleans ice with syrup and sweetened condensed milk. A fourth special called the Loly consists of Nicaraguan relleno with pound cake and dulce de leche.

Still more specialty combinations include flavor mixes like mango and toasted coconut (the Aloha) or pink bubble gum and vanilla (the Pink Panther).

The SnoMobile made its debut last weekend at the Revere Beach Sand Sculpture Festival and is available for hire for special events. The company hasn’t yet announced any regularly scheduled appearances, but keep an eye on social media for updates.

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