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A Musician- and Artist-Friendly Deli Could Open in Boston

Deep Cuts Deli will serve as a sandwich shop and an artist sanctuary

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Deep Cuts Deli team at the Automatic in Cambridge
The Deep Cuts Deli team after a pop-up at the Automatic in Cambridge
Deep Cuts Deli/Instagram

Boston may soon be home to a combination deli and music venue, courtesy of music promoter Ian McGregor, who also has a background in the restaurant industry. McGregor wants to establish Deep Cuts Deli, a venue where people can get sandwiches — and bands and artists can get both experience and outreach.

McGregor just launched a crowdfunding campaign to fuel his push toward opening Deep Cuts Deli.

“For years I’ve been looking for a way to combine my experience in restaurants with my love for the local music and arts community in Boston,” he wrote on an Indiegogo page for the venue.

In terms of food, Deep Cuts Deli has a menu in development, which McGregor and a team tested out during a pop-up at the Automatic in Cambridge on July 22. Sandwich options at the event included Chick Chick Boom, a vegan curried chickpea sandwich on sourdough, and Big Trouble in Little Boston, a roast beef sandwich with kimchi slaw on a ciabatta roll. For a side, Deep Cuts served Gallagher’s Lament, a watermelon salad with feta, pickled onions, and mint.

Beyond the food, Deep Cuts aims to provide a sanctuary for artists to develop their crafts while building community, without some of the costs often associated with more traditional venues. The space will function as a deli in the daytime and an artists’ haven in the evening, with space for practicing and performing. Deep Cuts will also play host to art shows, movie screenings, workshops, and more.

McGregor’s quest for fundraising will help cover operating costs, the buildout of the space, kitchen equipment, and furniture, among other items. Those who donate to the Indiegogo campaign can get rewards such as practice time, a taste-testing party, or — for a $5000 donation — a sandwich named after themselves.

Keep an eye on Deep Cuts’ various social media accounts for updates as plans solidify for the deli/venue (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Seeded bread sandwich with curried chickpeas and lettuce on a wooden cutting board
Chickpea sandwich
Deep Cuts/Indiegogo

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