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La Casa de Pedro Temporarily Closes in the Seaport

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The restaurant’s Watertown location remains open

La Casa de Pedro
La Casa de Pedro
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

A Venezuelan restaurant in Boston’s Seaport District that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April has closed down, but it may be just a temporary hiccup. The owners of La Casa de Pedro spent several months negotiating with the building’s landlord to remain open in the Seaport, as the Boston Globe reported in May, but the restaurant is currently closed.

Owners Pedro Alarcón and Luis Maggioli expanded their Watertown restaurant to the Seaport in November 2016. After overcoming construction delays, the restaurant struggled with profitability, facing challenges bringing in enough revenue to cover the $64,000 monthly rent for its space on the first floor of a luxury apartment building at 505 Congress St. According to the Globe, the building’s landlord had also received complaints of “disorderly conduct” at the restaurant and attempted to terminate the lease due to complaints and the continued rent arrears.

La Casa de Pedro’s owners filed for bankruptcy protection in April, and the restaurant closed last week, though a message on its Facebook page indicates that it may not be a permanent closure.

“We are working hard to reopen very soon,” the post read. “We will be back stronger than ever.”

The post also thanked customers for continued support. Eater has attempted to reach La Casa de Pedro for more details and will post any new information as it becomes available.

La Casa de Pedro
La Casa de Pedro
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

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La Casa De Pedro (Boston)

505 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210 Visit Website

La Casa De Pedro (Watertown)

343 Arsenal St, Watertown, MA 02472 (617) 923-8025 Visit Website