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In House Cafe Has Closed in Allston

But it will relocate, and a hot pot chain will take its place

In-House Cafe
In-House Cafe
Dave M./Yelp

Allston may soon overflow with hot pot, as a new restaurant prepares to take over the space In House Cafe recently vacated at 194 Harvard Ave. Tasty Pot, a chain with more than 10 locations in California and one in Canada, will add its first East Coast location in Boston soon, while In House Cafe will eventually relocate, per a message on its website, though it has not yet said where.

Tasty Pot’s Boston menu will consist of a dozen varieties of hot pot, ranging in spice level from “none” to “flaming spicy,” with ingredients including cabbage, mushrooms, tofu, pork slices, cuttlefish rings, and lobster balls. Guests will have an option for vermicelli or rice with the meal, and additional proteins or vegetables are available for an extra cost. The menu also includes milk tea with boba, pudding, or jellies, adding to Allston’s already vast bubble tea options.

The Allston neighborhood is also becoming a hotbed for hot pot restaurants: Tasty Pot will join the recently-opened Pot Bar, along with Shabu Zen and Spring Shabu-Shabu. Stay tuned for details on an opening date for Tasty Pot and the relocation of In House Cafe.

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In House Café

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