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Buenas Opens at Bow Market This Week With So Many Empanadas

More and more food vendors are still on the way

Buenas empanadas
Buenas empanadas

Another member joins the family of Bow Market vendors this week as Melissa Stefanini and Sebastian Galvez open the doors to Buenas and start slinging empanadas full-time. After landing a spot in the newly constructed Union Square complex last fall, Stefanini and Galvez (aka Nini and Bass) launched into a quick buildout timeline, and now, the shop is ready for the public. Buenas opens at 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 21, serving a selection of empanadas and some fun specials.

“It feels surreal and we are exhausted, mainly because we did all the work ourselves,” Stefanini told Eater. That work included tiling and carpentry within the first-floor space. “We are really proud and excited to get to finally share with everyone.”

For its first day, with limited hours, Buenas will serve a few empanada flavors, plus loaded hot dogs, and takeaway jars of sauces. When the shop launches full hours, it will sell packages of frozen empanadas for people to bake at home, plus pre-cut frozen dough for customers interested in a more DIY option.

Buenas is one of several food and beverage vendors that will fill out the lower level of Bow Market, which already boasts a lineup of retail shops on its upper level. It joins Remnant Brewing and Maca, which are already open, serving beer and macarons respectively. Other vendors still on the way include Jaju Pierogi, Tanám, Hooked, Gâté Comme des Filles, and a Mike & Patty’s sibling called Hot Box.

The buildout for Buenas went quickly, starting right after Stefanini and Galvez received their keys in March.

“It feels like we’ve run a marathon, except we know this was like a...subset marathon within a marathon,” Stefanini said. “But we know it’s going to be so worth it.”

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