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Mortadella Head to Open in Davis Square in July

Trips to Rome and Sicily inspired the new spot from Boston Burger Company’s founders

mortadella head
A square slice from Mortadella Head
Mortadella Head/Instagram

Boston Burger Company founders Charles Sillari and Sebastian Fricia are opening another restaurant in Davis Square. Mortadella Head, an Italian quick-serve restaurant specializing in pizza and sandwiches, is set to open on July 17 in the former Deli-icious space at 20 College Ave. in Somerville.

Sillari told Eater last fall that his and Fricia’s Italian-American heritage inspired the restaurant’s menu, as did trips they’ve taken to Italy.

“We have travelled to Italy several times developing this concept,” said Sillari. “Our goal is to combine the best of what we are already doing here in Boston and some great things we have seen in Rome and Sicily.”

The restaurant’s unusual name stems from a jeer the two founders used as teens.

“Growing up, the term was a harmless way of calling someone a dummy, or to refer to someone with an unusually large head,” Sillari said in a release.

As at Boston Burger Company, Mortadella Head will serve some intense menu items, “with big and bold flavors,” per the release. If the restaurant’s Instagram is any indication, eaters can indeed expect bold flavors — and absurd sandwiches like this one:

mortadella head
Who even knows what this thing is...
Mortadella Head/Instagram

Mortadella Head will operate daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Mortadella Head

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