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Sip More Than a Dozen Soups at Soup Shack, Opening Next Week

The new Jamaica Plain restaurant serves pho, ramen, and Thai noodle soup

779 Centre St., Jamaica Plain
779 Centre St., Jamaica Plain
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A soup restaurant opens next week in Jamaica Plain, bringing with it more than a dozen varieties of Asian soups. Soup Shack (779 Centre St., Jamaica Plain) will open on June 18 and has posted its menu in the windows of its Centre Street storefront.

Soup Shack takes on the task of serving three categories of soups from Asian countries: Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen, and Thai noodle soup. It will serve several varieties of each, including tom yum noodle soup and kao soi, from northern Thailand; dac biet pho, pork and shrimp pho, and spicy beef noodle soup; and miso, shoyu, tonkotsu, and vegetarian styles of ramen. The menu also includes appetizers like gyoza and steamed buns, as well as salads, rice bowls, and sides.

Soup Shack is taking over the space of now-defunct sushi shop Kamado Super Fusion, which closed down in November of 2017 after nearly four years in business.

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Soup Shack

779 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130