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A Vegan Pizza Place Will Open in Boston Later This Year

Chef Matthew Kenney expands his Double Zero restaurant

An oval vegan pizza from Double Zero, displayed on a white background and sliced into long, thin pieces
Double Zero pizza
Double Zero/Facebook

A California chef known for his vegan and raw food cooking will leave his mark on Boston later this year: Matthew Kenney, a two-time James Beard Award nominee, will expand his New York City pizzeria, Double Zero, to Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. Though his team is not ready to share specifics yet, the expansion is definitely underway, with a target opening in October 2018.

The original Double Zero opened in the East Village in 2016, and the pizzeria embodies Kenney’s commitment to vegan cooking. Tree-nut cheeses top the restaurant’s wood-fired pizza, with varieties including cashew mozzarella, smoked almond ricotta, and sunflower parmesan. Desserts like tiramisu and apple cider cheesecake also avoid animal products, and the restaurant serves organic, sustainable European wines.

Pizzas at Double Zero in New York include tomato with basil and cashew mozzarella and a spicy marinara arrabbiata version with shiitake bacon, cauliflower, macadamia ricotta and basil. There are also eggplant, artichoke, and sunflower pesto pizzas. On the non-pizza side, Doulbe Zero serves crostini, panzanella (a salad with bread chunks), zucchini lasagna, and cacio e pepe.

Kenney originally hails from coastal Maine, though his company is currently based in California. He graduated from the French Culinary Institute and worked in New York City before opening restaurants in Miami, Los Angeles, and beyond. Most recently, he opened Arata, a vegan Japanese restaurant in New York City, and he plans to launch a frozen pizza brand spun off of Double Zero.

Stay tuned for updates on an address for Boston’s forthcoming Double Zero location.

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