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Allston’s Bus Stop Pub Is Closing After All

Say goodbye this weekend

Bus Stop Pub
Bus Stop Pub
Bus Stop Pub/Facebook

A month after a false alarm that Lower Allston’s Bus Stop Pub (252 Western Ave.) would close down, the news has actually come to pass: The decades-old dive bar will shutter after a final day on Saturday, May 12, as Boston Restaurant Talk reports, citing a Facebook post from the pub’s owner.

The Bus Stop Pub opened in 1980 and established itself as an affordable neighborhood spot over the years, serving classic dishes like prime rib, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and more. The surrounding has area changed dramatically during Bus Stop’s time, with developers snapping up spaces adjacent to the pub in recent years as multi-use buildings housing retail, residences, and grocery stores emerge.

Last month, a Facebook event page prematurely announced that the pub would close, though that was not the case at the time. Now, however, owner Joyce Hynds has confirmed the pub’s final day in business on her own Facebook page.

“Saying goodbye is always hard, is time,” Hynds wrote. “The Bus Stop Pub will be closing this Saturday night. We hope that we’ll see you stop by in the next few days.”

Pay one last visit to the pub in the next three days before it’s gone. Tonight is prime rib Thursday, as usual, and tomorrow is fish Friday.

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