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Boston Gains Another Ovine-Themed Hot Pot Restaurant

Little Sheep Hot Pot is headed for Chinatown

Little Sheep Hot Pot (Edison, New Jersey location)
Little Sheep Hot Pot (Edison, New Jersey location)
Flickr/Jazz Guy (Creative Commons)

A global chain specializing in Mongolian hot pot plans to add a location in Boston. Little Sheep Hot Pot — not to be confused with Cambridge’s Happy Lamb Hot Pot, though the two are actually affiliated — has taken over a defunct storefront in Boston’s Chinatown (693 Washington St.) and will open at some point in 2018, according to Universal Hub.

The Chinatown restaurant will be the first Little Sheep location in Boston, though other restaurants operate across the US and in Canada, China, and Japan. Neither Little Sheep nor Happy Lamb are connected to the former Little Lamb (now Hulun Bier) in Beacon Hill, as previously reported.

Happy Lamb opened in 2016, using a different moniker for the same small, fluffy mascot as its larger counterpart, which also serves hot pot. Little Sheep is known for its choice of base broths (original, spicy or half of each), a broad selection of meat and seafood options to cook in the broths, and vegetables and noodles to round out the meal. Diners cook the ingredients at the table, and there’s no need to worry about undercooking the meat: It’s sliced so thinly that it only takes about 10 or 15 seconds to cook.

Stay tuned for details on an opening timeline for Little Sheep in Chinatown.

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