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70th MLB All-Star Game

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What to Eat in and Around Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox

From in-park Fenway franks to neighborhood staples nearby, here’s how to dine before, during, and after a baseball game

An aerial view of Fenway Park during the 70th MLB All-Star Game on July 13, 1999
| Al Bello/Getty Images

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Baseball season is upon us again, and with baseball season come ubiquitous Fenway franks, overpriced beer, and plenty of soft serve. But that’s not all: Inside the stadium, local brands like Savenor’s, Tasty Burger, and Yankee Lobster Co. make their mark, and outside, there’s a bustling neighborhood packed with old standbys and newer hotspots.

From fast-casual Mediterranean to a full-service izakaya, from sports bars to oyster bars, there’s a little something for everyone in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Read on for recommendations in and outside of the stadium, and check out this page for an archive of all Fenway-related dining news.

This guide was originally published in March 2014 and is updated annually; the date of the most recent update appears above.

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Inside Fenway Park

2019 Additions

“Sam’s slammin’ onion” at Fenway Park
“Sam’s slammin’ onion” at Fenway Park
Aramark [Official Photo]

Other cities’ stadiums serve everything from Cheeto-lotes and Coney dog egg rolls to pierogi hot dogs and s’mores bread pudding. Fenway Park keeps things a little more low-key — well, if putting lobster on everything is low-key — with its new menu additions each year.

The 2019 additions include dishes such as lobster BLTs, brownie sundaes, beer-glazed or brown sugar-glazed bacon on a stick, Buffalo chicken totchos (tater tots meet nachos), and a breakfast burger that uses waffles as a bun. Savenor’s, the official butcher of the Red Sox, is behind many of the meaty ingredients (bacon on the lobster BLT and the meats in the Italian hoagie, for example), while Yankee Lobster Co. is behind the lobster in the lobster BLT and lobster roll. Sam Adams, the official beer of the Red Sox, is found in some of the food items as well — for example, the “slammin’ onion” is beer-battered and the bacon on a stick is beer-glazed.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on where to locate some of the new items:

  • Bacon on a stick: Sam Deck
  • Breakfast burger: Big Concourse — Test Kitchen
  • Brownie sundae and banana split: Kids’ Concourse and Homeplate Concourse
  • Buffalo chicken totchos: Big Concourse, Pavilion Level, and Homeplate Concourse
  • Chicken tender sandwich: Big Concourse
  • French toast sticks: Big Concourse — Test Kitchen
  • Italian hoagie: Big Concourse
  • King’s Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich: Kids’ Concourse, Visitor’s Clubhouse Concourse
  • Lobster BLT: Jersey Street, Big Concourse
  • “Sam’s slammin’ onion”: Sam Deck
  • Veggie burger: Dell/EMC Club

Where to Find Popular Concessions

There’s a snack stand everywhere you turn — and vendors constantly streaming by your seats — but if you have your heart set on a particular item, here’s where to find a few specific ones.

Fenway soft serve
Fenway soft serve
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater
  • Fenway Franks: Basically everywhere, including the Home Plate Deck, Big Concourse, Homeplate Concourse, Coca Cola Deck, Pavilion Level, First Base Concourse, Jersey Street, and beyond.
  • Gluten-free options: Find franks with gluten-free buns on the Homeplate Concourse and gluten-free pizza in numerous spots, including Home Plate Deck, the Gate E Concourse, the Big Concourse, Homeplate Concourse, and the Pavilion Level. Gluten-free snacks and desserts are on the Homeplate Concourse, Big Concourse, and the Coca Cola Deck.
  • Kids’ meals: Find especially kid-friendly meals on the Big Concourse, Gate E Concourse, First Base Concourse, and Visitor’s Clubhouse Area.
  • Kosher options: Big Concourse.
  • Lobster rolls: Gate D Concourse, Pavilion Level, Jersey Street.
  • Soft Serve: All over the place, including the First Base Deck, Big Concourse, Homeplate Concourse, Coca Cola Deck, Pavilion Level, and Gate E Concourse.
  • Tasty Burger: There are stands on Jersey Street, the Third Base Deck, and at Gate C under the bleachers, and there are also roving vendors.

Outside Fenway Park

Sports Bars

There are plenty in the neighborhood; here are just a few to try

Bleacher Bar
Bleacher Bar
Bleacher Bar [Official Photo]
  • The Baseball Tavern: Go for the roof deck (and cheap bear), weather permitting. 1270 Boylston St.
  • The Bleacher Bar: On the site of the former away team’s batting cage, it’s situated under the bleachers with a view of the field (limited during games — a glass garage door comes down), but no game ticket is required, so this is a good way to be inside Fenway without paying the big bucks. Enter on Lansdowne Street. The menu is mostly focused on sandwiches, along with some typical comfort food snacks. Open year-round. 82A Lansdowne St.
  • Boston Beer Works: Part of a small local chain of brewpubs. This location has been open since 1992. 61 Brookline Ave.
  • Cask ‘n Flagon: Fenway’s quintessential sports bar, right in the heart of the action, where it’s been for 49 years. There’s plenty of comfort food, including burgers, barbecue, and more. 62 Brookline Ave.
  • Cheeky Monkey Brewing Company: A brewpub that utilizes the SmartBrew system, which essentially means that the brewmaster is all the way in New Zealand. Pool tables onsite and easy access to the attached Lucky Strike Social (see below.) 3 Lansdowne St.
  • Game On: This sports bar happens to have a popular Newton-based coal-fired pizzeria inside, Max & Leo’s. 82 Lansdowne St.
  • The Lansdowne Pub: A classic Fenway pub with somewhat amped up comfort food, plenty of beer, and a calendar full of live music, karaoke, and other events. 9 Lansdowne St.
  • Lucky Strike Social: Bowling, billiards, arcade games, comfort food, and a convenient staircase to Cheeky Monkey (mentioned above). 145 Ipswich St.
  • Tony C’s: Named for a former Red Sox player and Massachusetts native, the late Tony Conigliaro, Tony C’s has a few locations around the Boston area, including in the Fenway neighborhood, each with about a zillion giant televisions throughout. 1265 Boylston St.

Fast-Casual Restaurants and Cafes

Keep it quick and easy with these counter-service spots

Spicy lamb meatball plate at Saloniki
Spicy lamb meatball plate at Saloniki
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater
  • Bennett’s Sandwich Shop: Fenway is this third location of Bennett’s, which began as a seasonal sandwich shop in Kennebunk, Maine, that opened in the early 1980s. Hot and cold subs. 84 Peterborough St.
  • Blackbird Doughnuts: Sometimes you just need a doughnut. This is a second location for the popular South End shop from the team behind the Gallows and Banyan. 20 Kilmarnock St.
  • By Chloe: A vegan chain out of New York that’s expanding around Boston and beyond. A local special is the “Fenway nachos,” topped with seitan chorizo, black beans, corn salsa, guacamole, tomato, and tofu crema. 100 Van Ness St.
  • Cafe Landwer: The first of two area locations for this Israeli cafe chain opened early in 2018, serving cafe fare, shakshuka, and more. There’s a takeout cafe counter, but there’s also full-service seating. 900 Beacon St.
  • Caffe Nero: There seems to be a location of this London-based, Italy-inspired cafe chain on every Boston street corner these days. 1375 Boylston St.
  • Cava: A DC-based Mediterranean chain opening a number of local outposts. 1350 Boylston St.
  • El Pelon: Eat tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more at this popular taqueria on Fenway’s “Restaurant Row.” 92 Peterborough St.
  • Eventide Fenway: Eater Boston’s 2017 fast-casual restaurant of the year. It’s the Boston sibling to Portland’s popular Eventide Oyster Co., and you’ve probably already heard that you should try the brown butter lobster roll. You should, and follow it up with brown butter soft serve. 1321 Boylston St.
  • Fomu: Vegan ice cream and other sweet treats. 140 Brookline Ave.
  • Gyro City: The name pretty much says it all. 88 Peterborough St.
  • Honeygrow: Philadelphia-based fast-casual spot that specializes in customizable stir-fry dishes and salads. 1282 Boylston St.
  • Mei Mei: Creative Asian-inspired cuisine with plenty of twists. Try the signature Double Awesome, an eggy, cheesy scallion pancake sandwich — perfect for game day. 506 Park Dr.
  • Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes: Coffee. And crepes. In the neighborhood of Fenway. 96 Peterborough St.
  • Oath Pizza: Crispy, quick pizza from a growing Nantucket-based chain. 1350 Boylston St.
  • Pavement Coffeehouse: One of several locations of a growing local cafe chain. Go for the bagel sandwiches. 1334 Boylston St.
  • Saloniki: Fast-casual Greek from some of the people behind Trade and Porto. Come here for choose-your-own combos of pita, rice, or salad with honey-garlic braised pork, spicy lamb meatballs, zucchini fritters, and more. Put the “secret sauce,” a preserved lemon concoction, on everything. 4 Kilmarnock St.
  • Sufra: It started as a food truck; now it has a brick-and-mortar location. Falafel, shawarma, and more. 52 Queensberry St.
  • Sushi Kappo: Counter-service sushi burritos, poke bowls, and more from the team behind the excellent Ebi Sushi in Somerville’s Union Square. 86 Peterborough St.
  • Tasty Burger: The flagship location of a growing local chain. Sit down inside for a full-service meal or get takeout at the window. Burgers, dogs, and the like, plus a lot of beer. 1301 Boylston St.
  • Tatte Bakery & Cafe: Tzurit Or’s growing chain of cafes features pastries, shakshuka, sandwiches, salads, more. 1350 Boylston St.

Full-Service Restaurants

Sit down and have a nice meal

The interior of a colorful, tropical restaurant, featuring a leaf-covered live wall
Tiger Mama
Katie Chudy/Eater
  • Audubon Boston: The team behind Trina’s Starlite Lounge took over Audubon Circle a few years ago and revamped it (along with the slight name change), serving up creative comfort food, solid cocktails, and plenty of beer in a lively setting. There’s a great hidden patio out back. 838 Beacon St.
  • Basho: A Japanese brasserie with lots of sushi as well as a range of hot entrees, including Robata-grilled meats. 1338 Boylston St.
  • Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar: Oysters, whole suckling pig (order in advance), whiskey, and daily chalkboard specials. 1310 Boylston St.
  • Eastern Standard: Raw bar, salads, pastas, charcuterie, and lots more, as well as truly excellent cocktails and hospitality. This is a Kenmore Square mainstay. 528 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Fenway Johnnie’s: Sibling to West End Johnnie’s, a sports bar near TD Garden. It’s in the short-lived Tilted Kilt space. 96 Brookline Ave.
  • Fool’s Errand: Tiffani Faison’s Boylston Street duo became a trio in 2018 with the opening of this small standing-room-only “adult snack bar,” which features creative cocktails and fun small plates. 1381 Boylston St.
  • Futago Udon: This fairly new addition to the area is a pleasant spot for hot and cold udon options, including some non-traditional spins, such as a carbonara udon. 508-512 Park Dr.
  • The Hawthorne: Not a restaurant, per se, although there’s food, but it’s one of the best cocktails bars in the city — in the whole country, really. Convenient plan: Hit it up before and/or after Island Creek Oyster Bar. 500A Commonwealth Ave.
  • Hojoko: Located at the Verb Hotel, this izakaya-inspired restaurant from the O Ya team is full of fun sushi and small plates, loud music, great bartenders, and Japanese knick-knacks. 1271 Boylston St.
The “grand macque” on Island Creek Oyster Bar’s bar menu
The “grand macque” on Island Creek Oyster Bar’s bar menu
Emmy Hagen
  • Island Creek Oyster Bar: This is the first (of several now) restaurant and bar outlet of Duxbury’s famed Island Creek Oysters, with dishes like fried oyster sliders and lobster roe noodles — plus cocktails to match. (Or, as mentioned above, drink at sister/neighbor the Hawthorne before or after.) Starting in spring 2019, the restaurant has a new bar menu available from 4 p.m. on every day, featuring dishes like a hot pocket of the day, pickled deviled eggs with caviar, and a “grande macque” double patty burger. 500 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Loretta’s Last Call: Country music, fried chicken, pulled pork grilled cheese, and more. Lots of gluten-free and/or vegetarian options as well, and so much whiskey. 1 Lansdowne St.
  • Lower Depths: The hot dog-focused menu has been replaced with tacos, but there is still a Sonoran dog. And tot-chos. And a giant beer list. 476 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Nathálie: From the team behind acclaimed downtown wine bar Haley.Henry, this Fenway wine bar was Eater Boston’s 2018 bar of the year thanks to its unique wines, intimate space, and small but enjoyable food menu. 186 Brookline Ave.
  • Sweet Cheeks: Former Top Chef contestant Tiffani Faison’s ode to barbecue, featuring the best biscuits in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Seriously, get the biscuits. And snag a seat in the cozy beer garden if you can. Want to try something different? Sister restaurant Tiger Mama is right down the street, featuring Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine. 1381 Boylston St.
  • Tapestry: Located in the former Church restaurant and music venue space, Tapestry has dual concepts. One side, the Expo Kitchen, serves up casual dishes such as oysters, Neapolitan-style pizzas, and more. The Club Room is the place to go for a fancier night out. 69 Kilmarnock St.
  • Thaitation: This Thai restaurant offers a large menu of curries, noodle dishes, and other Thai and Thai-American favorites. 129 Jersey St.
  • Tiger Mama: At this Sweet Cheeks sibling and neighbor, you’ll find Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine with Faison’s special flair, served up in a tropical ambiance filled with greenery and a disco elephant. 1363 Boylston St.
  • Wahlburgers: The Wahlberg family’s burger chain is quickly becoming ubiquitous. Boozy frappes, tater tots, and more. 132 Brookline Ave.

Coming Attractions

Keep an eye out for these upcoming additions to the neighborhood, slated to open later in 2019

  • Orfano: Chef Tiffani Faison and wife and business partner Kelly Walsh are at it again, adding to their Fenway trio — Sweet Cheeks, Tiger Mama, Fool’s Errand — with a new Italian restaurant, opening in summer 2019 in the Pierce Boston building. 188 Brookline Ave.
  • Time Out Market: This food hall, part of a growing international chain of food halls, has announced a few names on its lineup of food vendors, and the lineup is looking pretty stellar so far. It’ll include a burger spot from the Craigie on Main crew, two new projects from the O Ya/Hojoko team (who are also working on opening something new in Chestnut Hill), Union Square Donuts, and more. Time Out Market is slated to open in 2019. 401 Park Dr.
  • Trillium Brewing: The ever-expanding Boston/Canton brewery is opening a beer garden and taproom on the lawn of the 401 Park development (which will soon be home to Time Out Market, see above). The new taproom will operate year-round, with beers on draft and retail sales. It could open by late summer 2019. 401 Park Dr.

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