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Now There’s Even More Egyptian Food in the Boston Area

The Zaaki food truck parks at various locations around town, joining the recently opened Baity in Medford in serving koshari and more

Butter chicken koshari from Zaaki
Butter chicken koshari from Zaaki

A new source for Egyptian food has arrived in Boston in the form of a food truck. Zaaki recently hit the road, serving koshari (a rice dish with macaroni and lentils), salads, and more in various locations around the metro area.

Zaaki currently has three lunch locations (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and five dinner locations on weekdays, including spots near City Hall Plaza, Boston Medical Center, and near Alewife in Cambridge, per a schedule posted on its Facebook page.

The menu for Zaaki features various koshari options, including a butter chicken dish, pesto fish, and a spicy version. There are also fattoush salads and basboosa (a kind of coconut cake) for dessert.

There’s very little Egyptian food in the Boston area, but Zaaki joins the newly opened Baity in Medford in the small scene. Azama Grill in Allston also specializes in dishes from Egypt, and farther out in Lowell, there are a couple more food trucks, Egyptian Grill and Koshari Mama.

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