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Love Art Sushi Spinoff Will Bring Udon and Tempura to Packard’s Corner

In the former Angora Cafe space

Love Art Udon bowls
Love Art Udon bowls
Love Art Udon/Official Site

Love Art Sushi — a Connecticut-based restaurant that opened an outpost near Berklee College of Music in January 2017 — will soon get a sibling that features udon and tempura in Packard’s Corner. Love Art Udon (1024 Commonwealth Ave., Boston) will open within the former Angora Cafe space sometime this summer, according to Ronald Liu, who founded Love Art Sushi along with Jessica Chiep.

“The decision to expand into something different than Love Art Sushi has a little bit to do with our short attention span but mostly to do with our desire to bring something new to Boston,” Ron Liu told Eater.

“We started this project back in 2017 because within months of how well received we were with the Love Art Sushi brand we knew this city is where we wanted to plant down our flagship roots,” Liu said. He worked with Red Dome Realty to find a location for Love Art Udon and landed the former Angora Cafe space along Comm. Ave., which he called “the perfect blend of student population and local accessibility.”

Where Love Art Sushi offers items like poke bowls and sushi burritos, Love Art Udon will focus on noodles while carrying on the model of customizable, counter-service meals. Liu said the main focus is Japanese udon, with a touch of Hawaiian and Bostonian flare, including spam and “chowdah,” which he likened to an Alfredo pasta dish.

“As you walk in, the first thing you will see is our noodle-making booth where one of our staff members will be working with, rolling, and cutting the dough we use to make our noodles in-house,” Liu said.

Customers can choose a base and various house broths, then add a la carte toppings to the dish. The noodle options include traditional soy dashi, vegan miso, Japanese curry, New England clam chowder, and brothless, and diners can order one or two portions of noodles. Niku, or shaved steak with onion, can also be added to the dish, along with other toppings like scallions and tempura flakes. (Niku udon is the focus of another new-ish restaurant, Yume Ga Arukara in Cambridge’s Porter Square.)

Further additions from a self-service tempura bar include shrimp, spam, vegetables (including house-pickled options), whitefish, Japanese pumpkin, and marinated mushrooms.

Love Art Udon will also serve teas, including yuzu citrus jasmine tea, passionfruit (lilikoi) fresca, and matcha. Liu said the team will also eventually seek a beer and wine license.

Liu worked with Joe The Architect in Somerville on the design for the space, which will feature wood accents and a live plant wall. Stay tuned to Love Art Udon’s Instagram for updates and promotions as the opening approaches.

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