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Dorchester Is Getting Another Brewery

The brothers behind Boston Winery are about to dip their toes into the beer market

Boston Winery
Soon, there will be beer
Boston Winery/Facebook

The brothers behind the Boston Winery (26 Ericsson Street, Dorchester) are opening a brewery next door in Dorchester. Ralph and Vito Bruno plan to expand their alcohol business, as Boston Restaurant Talk recently reported, and they will do so on the same spit of land occupied by their winery on the Port Norfolk peninsula.

Bruno’s Brewery (24 Ericsson Street, Dorchester) applied for a Farmer Brewery Pouring License, which the City of Boston’s licensing board granted on April 11. Ralph Bruno told Eater that he and his brother met with representatives from the neighborhood on April 17 and that they were given the blessing to proceed with the new venture. Bruno said that the official opening date is up in the air but that he expects to be open sometime this autumn.

To begin, Bruno’s Brewery will offer seven or eight beers that will be available only onsite, though Bruno told Eater that they may explore distribution in the future. Bruno’s Brewery will serve a New England IPA, a porter, a stout, and a Kolsch, among other beer styles. Bruno told Eater that the brewery was inspired by “a big demand for beer.”

“And with the winery already here, and Boston Harbor Distillery right down the street, this area will become a sort of hub for alcohol in Boston,” said Bruno. (Dorchester is also home to Dorchester Brewing Company, which is almost two years old, but it’s not in the same area; it’s located about four miles north of Port Norfolk.)

The brewery will function as a subsidiary of the winery. As such, it will be able to utilize the winery’s event space, which can accommodate up to 120 patrons. Bruno said he’ll brew the beer himself in the beginning, but he admits that they may have to hire a full-time brewer if the operation picks up steam.

Bruno’s Brewery will join a growing list of Boston-area breweries.

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