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The Pork & Mindy at the Bacon Truck Cafe
The Pork & Mindy at the Bacon Truck Cafe: bacon, braised pork shoulder, avocado, red onion, cheddar cheese, and smoky chipotle aioli
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The Bacon Truck Cafe Debuts in Charlestown This Weekend, Serving Bacon Everything

The five-year-old food truck is putting down roots with a brick-and-mortar location

Starting tomorrow, April 14, Bacon Truck enthusiasts won’t have to chase the popular food truck around the city to genuflect at its swine-serving altar. Fans of the Bacon Truck’s classic B.L.T. or the cleverly named Pork & Mindy will be able to get those bacon-filled menu items and more at the Bacon Truck Cafe (50 Terminal St., Charlestown). (The Bacon Truck will also continue to operate, so those who want to can still chase it around.)

The Bacon Truck Cafe
The Bacon Truck Cafe in Charlestown

Unlike the food truck, the Bacon Truck Cafe will be open seven days a week, co-founder J.J. Frosk told Eater, serving breakfast and lunch on weekdays and breakfast through dinner on weekends.

Frosk said that he and co-founder Sam Williams have been toying with the idea of opening a cafe for several years now.

“The truck incorporated in 2013, so just about five years ago, and expansion was always our hope,” said Frosk. “When we first launched the truck, the food truck game in Boston was a lot different than it is now. Over the first few years we were open, the market became oversaturated. The initial goal was to open two trucks, but as the market changed we shifted our sights to a brick and mortar.”

The Bacon Truck Cafe in Charlestown

Finding the right space was difficult, Frosk said, because precious few properties in the city have enough space to accommodate parking for a food truck. And because the Bacon Truck Cafe’s kitchen was also going to function as a commissary for the food truck, finding something with enough space was essential.

“We were looking for a while,” said Frosk. “Parking for trucks is a big issue. A lot of restaurants in the city don’t have parking for a large food truck. This one does. It was a great way to service our business that’s already in operation, but also expand.”

The Bacon Truck Cafe art by Aaron Meshon, who also painted the art on the truck

While the main reason for choosing this Charlestown address was the space, it was also a good location because the neighborhood lacks fast-casual dining options.

“In the end, we thought it was a perfect fit for the business and the neighborhood,” said Frosk.

The Bacon Truck Cafe features all of the staples from the food truck, but there’s also a burger made from ground brisket and ground bacon (customers can also add bacon on top if they choose.) It’s topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and special sauce, and it’s served on the best bun for burgers: a Martin’s potato bun.

“We didn’t want to mess with the burger,” said Frosk. “It’s greatest in its most simple form. We’re trying to pay homage to the classic burger but elevate it a bit with the in-house ground brisket and bacon blend.”

Along with the addition of the burger, the Bacon Truck Cafe is adding french fries and tots to its menu. And don’t worry: The deep fried bacon mac and cheese bites are available, too.

Fried bacon mac and cheese bites at Bacon Truck Cafe
Fried bacon mac and cheese bites with Sriracha ranch at the Bacon Truck Cafe

“The hot dog might even make a comeback,” said Frosk.

There’s even dessert: chocolate bacon truffles, candied bacon, and Nutella-covered bacon.

The Bacon Truck Cafe doesn’t have a liquor license to start, but that doesn’t seem to bother Frosk.

“We’re honestly just trying to focus on opening and then operating the cafe and the truck as best as we can,” he said. “Maybe we’ll think about a liquor license down the road.” For now, beverages include coffee (hot, cold brew, and Nutella milk cold brew), water, soda, and Arnold Palmers.

Head over to Charlestown this weekend, and welcome the Bacon Truck team to the neighborhood by eating lots and lots of bacon. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

Perhaps not the most scenic of Boston patios but certainly the most bacon-filled

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The Bacon Truck Cafe

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