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Even More Ramen Arrives in Somerville’s Davis Square

Tsurumen opens tonight with limited hours and limited bowls

An overhead shot of a bowl of ramen with slabs of pork.
Tsurumen Ramen’s shoyu-style Formula 1985 ramen
Tsurumen Ramen/Instagram

Tsurumen opens Thursday, April 12, in Somerville’s Davis Square, adding to an existing surplus of ramen spots in Somerville and Cambridge that stretches through Davis to Porter Square and beyond. The new restaurant took over the space at 420 Highland Ave. following the recent relocation of Snappy Ramen (now Snappy Kitchen, still serving ramen but also other dishes) to Elm Street.

Now, Tsurumen is ready to unveil its Osaka-style ramen. The simple menu features two versions: Tokyo shoyu ramen and paitan chicken ramen, made with a thick broth. Both are chicken-based broths topped with pork chashu and filled with noodles, which are made from scratch on Yume Wo Katare’s noodle machine. Other toppings include scallions, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and red onions.

The history of Tsurumen goes back to 2003, when chef Masuo Onishi began making ramen in Osaka, Japan, before bringing it to Honolulu, Hawaii, and later popping up in New York before landing this brick-and-mortar spot in Somerville.

During April 2018, the restaurant will operate Tuesday through Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m. only, serving a scant 50 bowls of ramen per day. Hours and supply will eventually expand. For now, the restaurant is only accepting cash.

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