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One of the Only Local Egyptian Restaurants Opens in Medford

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Baity serves classics from Egypt and the wider Mediterranean region

Food from Baity
Food from Baity
Caroline B./Yelp

Medford has a new option for Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine with the opening of Baity (84 Spring St.) near the Fellsway Plaza. The restaurant serves a lineup of wraps, burgers, and appetizers like hummus and spinach pie, in addition to several classic Egyptian dishes. Catering is available, and per the restaurant’s Facebook page, all meats are certified halal.

This is one of the only options for Egyptian food in the immediate Boston area, joining Azama Grill in Allston. Otherwise, diners need to head out to Lowell to find a couple more options, which are both mobile (Egyptian Grill and Koshari Mama).

At Baity, wraps come with fillings ranging from chicken and lamb kabob to falafel, eggplant and eggs, and kebda eskandarani, or thin sliced marinated beef liver with jalapenos and lemon juice. Plates come with a choice of protein and sides of tabouli, hummus, and rice or fries. There are some other entrees as well.

Baity has partnered with Slice, a company that facilitates pickup and delivery orders for pizza-focused restaurants. Though it doesn’t serve pizza, Baity does offer hawawshi and fateer, which are pita or pastry doughs stuffed with various ingredients like meat, vegetables, and cheese, similar to a calzone. Baity also offers various versions of koshary, which is a dish comprised of elbow macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, and a house-made tomato sauce with lentils, chickpeas, and fried crispy onions.

The restaurant is currently open for lunch and dinner.

Update, 4/13/18: This story (and headline) previously described Baity as the only Egyptian restaurant in the immediate Boston area. As mentioned by a couple of commenters, Azama Grill in Allston is also an Egyptian restaurant. Its tagline is “Egyptian street food,” and its website says, “Mediterranean cuisine, inspired by our Egyptian roots.” The story and headline have been updated to mention Azama.

Baity Medford [Facebook]
Baity Menu [Slice]


84 Spring St., Medford, MA 02155 (781) 391-9000 Visit Website