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Even Faster, Even More Casual Stir-Fry Chain Heads to Boston

Two Honeygrow locations in Boston will soon be joined by two pared-down sibling spots called Minigrow

Minigrow noodle bowl
Minigrow noodle bowl

As promised, a fast-casual stir-fry restaurant chain from Philadelphia will spawn mini offshoots in Boston. The parent restaurant, Honeygrow, first arrived in Boston in July 2017 and now has two locations in Fenway and the Seaport District, but last fall, the chain announced that it would also introduce its smaller, younger sibling to the Boston market: Minigrow.

Now Minigrow is set to open two locations, one in Back Bay (565 Boylston St.) and one downtown (125 Summer St.), as Boston Restaurant Talk reported and a rep for the chain confirmed to Eater.

Minigrow (stylized “minigrow” in the same all-lowercase format as “honeygrow”) serves similar food to its larger sibling, but it’s designed to have a more streamlined menu of noodles and greens, as well as a smaller footprint. The Minigrow kitchen setup differs from Honeygrow locations in that it uses an oven that needs a less complex ventilation system, as previously reported.

The noodle and salad bowls at Minigrow start at $8.95 and come with unlimited toppings, plus additional charges for proteins, while Honeygrow’s more varied menu items range from around $6 to $10 as a base. In addition to the bowls, Minigrow serves juices and chocolate chip cookies.

Stay tuned for details on specific opening dates for the two new Minigrow locations in Boston. Per the Minigrow website, they’ll both arrive sometime this spring.

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Minigrow (Back Bay)

565 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116 Visit Website

Minigrow (Downtown Boston)

125 Summer St., Boston, MA 02110 Visit Website