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Wink & Nod Welcomes a New Hummus-Filled Pop-Up to the South End Today

Tavern Road’s Louis DiBiccari introduces Humaari, which will operate at Wink & Nod for six months

A variety of dishes from Humaari
A variety of dishes from Humaari
Jeannie Hannigan/Front Burner Social

Humaari takes over as Wink & Nod’s resident pop-up on Monday, March 19, kicking off its six-month tenure at the 3 Appleton St. bar in Boston’s South End. Chef Louis DiBiccari, who was chef and co-owner of the now-defunct Tavern Road in Fort Point, is running Humaari with a focus on Mediterranean fare, as Boston Magazine reported, especially pita and hummus. DiBiccari had become increasingly enthusiastic about hummus during Tavern Road’s final year.

As such, hummus gets a dedicated menu section at Humaari, with several different versions available. There’s a traditional tahini hummus with za’atar and olive oil; a roasted cauliflower version with pine nuts, grapes, and scallions; hummus with braised chicken and tomato gravy, cinnamon, and mint; and hummus with sauteed beef and mushrooms, red onion, pomegranate, and harissa. Diners can also choose three types of hummus for a $25 sampler.

Other items on the menu include small plates like charcuterie with chicken liver tahini mousse, burrata, and duck prosciutto, along with a gnocchi made with parmesan broth. Slightly larger dishes range from a lamb kofte kebab served with tabbouleh and tahini vinaigrette to fried chicken wings with za’atar spices and tzatziki. There’s also a whole roasted branzino and a lamb shank on the largest end of the entree spectrum.

As usual, Wink & Nod is serving cocktails to complement the dishes from Humaari, in addition to its regular lineup of scotches, wines, beers, and more.

Humaari is the ninth member of Wink & Nod’s “culinary incubator,” in which potential future restaurants appear for about six months as a pop-up. Many previous incubatees have gone on to open their first permanent restaurants or are in the process of doing so; the teams behind Juliet and Brassica Kitchen are Wink & Nod alums, for example. While DiBiccari has already had his own place, he’s using this opportunity to workshop a potential fast-casual pita and hummus project.

Hummus with sauteed beef at Humaari
Hummus with sauteed beef at Humaari
Jeannie Hannigan/Front Burner Social

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Wink & Nod

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Humaari at Wink & Nod

3 Appleton St., Boston, MA 02116 (617) 482-0117 Visit Website