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Cambridge’s Almost Non-Existent Cuban Food Scene Will Grow With a Waltham Favorite

Gustazo Cuban Cafe, which took over the Waltham Elephant Walk space, will also take over the Cambridge Elephant Walk space

Dish at Gustazo Cuban Restaurant & Cafe
Dish at Gustazo Cuban Restaurant & Cafe
Gustazo Cuban Restaurant & Cafe/Facebook

A Cuban restaurant in Waltham will soon expand to Cambridge, and it will repeat a move it made several years ago when opening its original location. Gustazo Cuban Cafe will take over the former Elephant Walk space at 2067 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge’s Porter Square, just as it took over Elephant Walk’s Waltham location in 2014, as Boston Restaurant Talk reported. The Cambridge Elephant Walk closed over a year ago, but a South End location of the French-Cambodian restaurant remains open.

While the expansion is still in the early stages, Gustazo chef and owner Patricia Estorino confirmed the plan to Eater. Meanwhile, the city of Cambridge licensing board will review Gustazo’s application for a full liquor license at the new restaurant this week. The sizable space spans more than 7,000 square feet across two levels and consists of multiple dining rooms and two bars.

Gustazo has proposed operating seven days a week in Cambridge for lunch and dinner, with some downtime scheduled between services from 3 to 5 p.m., similar to its operating hours in Waltham. It’ll be one of Cambridge’s only options for Cuban dining; the minimal current scene include La Fábrica Central in Central Square (which serves Cuban as well as Puerto Rican and Jamaican food) — and not much else.

Stay tuned for further updates on Gustazo Cuban Restaurant & Cafe’s opening in Cambridge, and in the meantime, visit the Waltham location for ropa vieja, empanadas, seafood stew, and more.

Gustazo Cuban Cafe May Be Opening in Former Elephant Walk Space in Cambridge [BRT]

Gustazo Cuban Restaurant and Cafe

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The Elephant Walk (Cambridge)

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Gustazo Cuban Restaurant & Cafe (Cambridge)

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