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A Drink Alum Wants to Open an Awesome-Sounding Provincetown Izakaya

Plus, a big birthday for L’Espalier, soft serve you should eat today, and more news

A Tanuki pop-up in Provincetown
A Tanuki pop-up in Provincetown
Tanuki [official photo]

Welcome back to AM Intel, a round-up of mini news bites to kick off the day.

Matcha Everything. Street Sweets. Beach Bento Boxes.

Well, this place sounds awesome. Tanuki — “a Provincetown izakaya and Japanese pastry shop” — is Kickstarting its way toward a brick-and-mortar location, a “Japanese pub on Cape Cod [that] will offer yakitori, rare whiskey, matcha everything, street sweets, beach bento boxes, and chef’s tastings.” Tanuki began as a pop-up Japanese pastry and catering company last year (currently cooking out of Foundation Kitchen in Somerville), and the Kickstarter goal of $50,000 — along with some already-secured investor money — will help take it to the next step. Founder Rebekah Powers (aka “Bekah the Wrekah”) is an alum of Boston cocktail destination Drink.

Peruse the Kickstarter page to learn how Tanuki’s going to hit all the senses. For example, it’ll smell like burnt chicken skin, sandalwood, cherry blossoms in spring, and Cape Cod salt air, as Powers writes. (The sound? Vintage Japanese surf guitar, waves crashing on the beach, and belly-laughing.)

Look, if a place is really going to feel like “a Quentin Tarantino movie set (the not-gory parts), a fat and happy raccoon, a hug from your favorite auntie, and an Edward Hopper painting on acid,” Provincetown has a lot to look forward to.

You’ve got 17 days left to empty out your wallets and get Kickstarter rewards such as attendance at onigiri or origami classes; omakase and a tea ceremony; shirts and other merch; and lots more.

Note: Our Eater Boston eyes and ears don’t extend out as far as the Cape very often. If there’s fun stuff like this that should be on our radar, hit up the tipline.

Happy Anniversary, L’Espalier

Boston Magazine interviewed Frank McClelland regarding L’Espalier’s recent 40th anniversary — and the 30th anniversary of McClelland buying the classic Back Bay spot from original owners Moncef Meddeb and Donna Doll. One of the keys to success, according to McClelland? “I’ve never had a general manager because I’m always here,” he told Boston. “And I think just being so hands on. I built it like a school. So with everyone I hired, especially in the kitchen, there was the thought that I’m training you to be a chef, and I actually did that for many, many people. So, I guess retention rate is important. In my tenure, 30 years, I’m only on my fifth or sixth generation of brigades [cooks]. They usually last as a group for five years.”

Worcester. So Hot Right Now.

Worcester’s Telegram & Gazette spells out some of the reasons Worcester’s dining scene is on fire these days. Aside from Boston’s Seaport District, “there is not a hotter spot in Massachusetts, probably in New England,” as Massachusetts Restaurant Association president and CEO Bob Luz tells the Telegram. Tons of new restaurants are opening, thanks to rent, liquor licenses, and other costs that are much lower than in Boston, and they’re good. In fact, tomorrow is opening day for the highly anticipated sequel to Worcester dining destination Deadhorse Hill: Simjang, a restaurant drawing inspiration from “American-Korean” cuisine.

One Thing You Should Eat Today

Not that ice cream really has a season — eat it all year, even during a blizzard! — but with another tiny bit of spring creeping in today as the temperature approaches 60 degrees, it’s a good day for soft serve. The brown butter lobster roll is the obvious choice at Eventide Fenway, and sure, you can start with that, but don’t miss its matching dessert, the brown butter soft serve ice cream. It’s topped with maple pecan crumble and bourbon caramel, and you’re gonna want seconds.

Brown butter soft serve at Eventide Fenway
Brown butter soft serve at Eventide Fenway
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

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