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Top Stories of the Week: Hot New Restaurants; 2018 Beer Trends; More

Miss any important news? Catch up with this weekly archive of Eater Boston’s most-read stories

The Saturn cocktail at Tiki Rock
The Saturn cocktail at Tiki Rock, one of the hot new restaurants on the February Heatmap
Rachel Leah Blumenthal
  1. The Hottest Restaurants in Boston Right Now, February 2018: So hot right now.
  2. California’s Blue Bottle Coffee Arrives in Cambridge This Weekend: Opening on Saturday, February 3.
  3. Haley.Henry Team to Open New Wine Bar in Fenway: Nathálie will arrive this summer.
  4. These Restaurants Closed in 2018: A (hopefully slowly) growing archive of this year’s goodbyes.
  5. Beer & Mortar: Six Trends That Will Dominate Boston Beer in 2018: The styles and approaches that will set the tone this year.
  6. Anna’s Taqueria Expands to the Prudential Center This Week: Opening Thursday, February 1, bright and early.
  7. Fenway Food Crawl: Mouth-Numbing Mushrooms, Oysters, Fried Cheese, and Biscuits: It will all make sense in the end.
  8. Tatte’s Dominance Continues With Planned Expansion to Seaport: The bakery secured a space in the Pier 4 development.
  9. New Sushi Will Takes Its Sushi Burritos to Allston Next: The new restaurant is almost ready.
  10. Tasty Burger Expands to North Station Today: Go eat a Big Tasty before seeing the Bruins or the Celtics.

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