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A Cocktail Lounge With a Champagne Vending Machine Is Coming to Boston’s Theater District [UPDATED]

The Ghost Walks struts into town this March, underneath Bijou

bijou street view
The Ghost Walks will open under Bijou (and is owned by the same team)
Google Maps

Boston’s Theater District is getting a new cocktail lounge and restaurant in March. The Ghost Walks — owned by the team behind Committee, Bijou, and Cafeteria — will open at 57 Stuart St., in the space beneath Bijou.

The team doesn’t want to pigeonhole the venue as one thing or another, according to Peter Szigeti, the general manager. “We’re not calling ourselves a restaurant, and we’re not calling ourselves a bar,” he said. “We’ll be serving food until 1:30 a.m., and it’ll be elevated bar snacks: small plates, charcuterie, cheese boards. But if you’re hungry and want a full meal, we can serve that purpose too.”

Szigeti said that the Ghost Walks won’t focus on a single cuisine but rather on “a mixture of different dishes people love to eat.” The bar program will have three different focuses: fancy, theatrical cocktails (one will be disguised as a bag of popcorn, while another will be served in glassware the resembles a camera lens); less involved drinks, such as whiskey and cola (served with nip bottles inverted on the lip of a soda can); and champagne served from a vending machine (patrons will be able to buy a token at the bar, insert it into the machine, and pop their own individual six-ounce bottles.)

According to Szigeti, the venue’s name comes from the first act of “Hamlet,” when the ghost of Hamlet’s father walks across the stage. It’s also a reference to an old-timey phrase theater promoters used to utter when they’d had a good week. If they could pay their actors, the ghost walked. If they could not, the opposite was true.

The Ghost Walks will have capacity for roughly 110 people; the space spans about 2,000 square feet. Head over there for a fancy cocktail, and then head upstairs for some dancing. Who knows: You just might run into Drake.

Update, 10:45 a.m.: This article has been updated to correct information regarding the team members involved in this project.

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51 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116 (617) 357-4565 Visit Website

The Ghost Walks

57 Stuart Street, , MA 02116 (857) 263-8932 Visit Website