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Jamaica Plain’s Caribbean Dining Scene Grows

New Dominican spot 100% Delicias Express is now open

cativias 100% delicias roslindale
Cativias at the original 100% Delicias in Roslindale
100% Delicias/Facebook

Jamaica Plain’s got another Caribbean restaurant: 100% Delicias Express (660A Centre St.) opened its doors on Sunday, December 2. 100% Delicias Express is a joint venture between Lewis Crespo and his restaurateur mother Civelis De Los Santos, the proprietor of 100% Delicias in Roslindale (635 Hyde Park Ave.).

100% Delicias Express specializes in empanadas, cativias (which are a close cousin to empanadas and are made with yucca), and mofongo (which consists of pork and smashed plantains). Along with these dishes that are popular in and around the Dominican Republic, 100% Delicia Express offers various grilled and fried meat, poultry, and fish dishes.

Unlike its sister restaurant in Roslindale, 100% Delicias Express is, as the name suggests, more of a takeout joint, though there is some seating for customers who’d prefer to dine in.

The new opening adds to Jamaica Plain’s already ample Caribbean feast, which also provides a number of Cuban dining options.

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Delicias 100% Express

660A Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130