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Two More Longtime Boston Dive Bars Close for Now

The Tam and Sullivan’s Tap are both closed, though each may reopen in some form

The Tam
The Tam
The Tam/Facebook

Two popular Boston dive bars closed down in recent days, though they may return under new management. The Tam (222 Tremont St.) and Sullivan’s Tap (168 Canal St.), both recently acquired by a group of real estate investors dubbed the Greater Boston Bar Co. (along with Beacon Hill Pub and Mary Ann’s in Cleveland Circle), have shared notes of their closures on social media. The new owners reportedly plan to reopen both bars, though how much each will change remains unknown.

These closures follow that of the Beacon Hill Pub, which shut down in October. The Greater Boston Bar Co. has indicated that Beacon Hill Pub will reopen under new management, but a timeline has not been given. The company has not provided information regarding the Tam, either, though Lyn Grande, a longtime employee of the establishment who posted news of the closure on Facebook, indicated that the new owners don’t plan to change the spirit of the bar.

Sullivan’s Tap, which is near TD Garden in the West End, noted in its own closure announcement that it will be temporary but didn’t have solid details on when it might reopen, noting that it could be “a few days...asap...not sure what day but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.”

These three closures change the face of Boston’s dive bar scene, and given the outpouring of support for the establishments on social media, much attention will be given to how and when they make their comebacks. The future of Mary Ann’s is also uncertain — it may become a dispensary — and outside of this particular group of investors, a number of other local dive bars have shut down over the past couple of years as well, including the Bus Stop Pub in Allston, Old Sully’s in Charlestown, and the Drinking Fountain in JP.

Eater has reached out for more information on plans for both the Tam and Sullivan’s Tap and will update this story with any new information that becomes available.

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