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The Most Bizarre Search Terms That Brought You Weirdos to Eater Boston in 2018

Thanks for the clicks...we hope you found what you were looking for

steak stock photo
“why are people dicks about steak doneness”

Welcome to the fifth annual edition of the “uh, what were you searching for that led you to Eater Boston?” round-up. It’s the end of the day on the last work day of the year here at Eater Boston, and we like to indulge in this little annual tradition where we peek under the hood at our analytics and dig up some of the strangest, most non-sensical search terms that people typed into their search engines this year and somehow landed on one of our stories. (We’re omitting the especially dirty porn queries, but trust us — there were a lot.)

Read on, and be confused. We certainly are. [sic] throughout.

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  • a million things go wrong
  • block of lion
  • boston cat, is it real
  • boy and girl meet in road
  • correctchooseantonym? clandestine a.awesome c.reveling d.rapid
  • eevee evolution
  • how many vending machines in Japan
  • miss the time for rendezvous
  • Mom hungry
  • naughty bacon story
  • raining tacos
  • scary OLD LADY
  • steak snobs are the worst
  • sweet dick cakes
  • too much sauce makes your buns
  • what does the u stand for in club sandwich
  • When Pizzas On Toast You Can Eat Pizza Anytime
  • why are people dicks about steak doneness
  • why do people snort at those ordering well done steak
  • zombie restaurant