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Critic Finds ‘Sexy, Grazeable Food’ at Swanky Back Bay Restaurant

The Improper Bostonian puts Nahita under the microscope

A restaurant interior featuring high ceilings, elegant columns, and lots of greenery
Nahita [Official Photo]

“Lavish” Design, “Generous” Entrees

MC Slim JB visits Nahita (which recently took home the Eater Award for Design of the Year) for his latest restaurant review in the Improper Bostonian. At the attractive Back Bay restaurant, chef Efe Onoglu commands a menu of nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) and chifa (Chinese-Peruvian) cuisines, “crisscrossed with Mexican and Turkish flavors.”

For Slim, standouts on the menu include grilled meatballs atop chewy flatbread with “spikes of acid” from tomatoes and shishito peppers, along with a “smashing” and “superb” Peruvian ensalada solterito.

He also calls attention to the spicy bluefin tuna and a seared otoro tiradito, not to mention “generous, photogenic entrees” like the sudado de pescado — in short, “lots of sexy, grazeable food.” Overall, Slim writes, “Dress up a little and bring a crowd, only mind what you order, as this soignée stunner could give your wallet a concussion.”

Nahita blue fin tuna nikkei ceviche
Nahita blue fin tuna nikkei ceviche

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Nahita Restaurant

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