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An Udon Shop Debuts on Commonwealth Avenue Next Week

Love Art Udon opens soon with so many noodle bowls and tempura

Love Art Udon bowls
Love Art Udon bowls
Love Art Udon/Official Site

A sushi restaurant near Berklee College of Music will get a sibling next week, but the spinoff will be a little different. Where Love Art Sushi focuses on sushi and poke bowls, its new counterpart Love Art Udon (1024 Commonwealth Ave., Boston) will serve noodles and tempura starting Monday, November 5. The restaurant plans to be open from noon to 8 p.m. that day.

Founders Ronald Liu and Jessica Chiep took over the former Angora Cafe space earlier this year, and now they’re ready to unveil their new spot.

“The decision to expand into something different than Love Art Sushi has a little bit to do with our short attention span but mostly to do with our desire to bring something new to Boston,” Liu previously told Eater.

The menu at Love Art Udon will consist of customizable Japanese noodle bowls with influences from Hawaii and a little bit of Boston, in a counter service-style format. Customers will start with a scratch-made Japanese udon noodle base and can choose from a handful of broths (including soy dashi, Japanese curry, and vegan miso, among others) or go without broth. There are optional protein additions like niku (shaved steak with onion), as well as assorted toppings, to make for a wide array of flavors with both meat and vegan-friendly options. Love Art Udon even has a New England clam chowder bowl with potato and onion.

A second focus of the menu will be tempura, with options ranging from asparagus or sweet potato to shrimp, spam, or potato croquettes. Diners can also order sides of seaweed salad, sesame mushrooms, or pickled vegetables. To drink, Love Art Udon will serve matcha, green iced tea, and a passionfruit (or lilikoi) fresca.

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