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Hot Pot Options Continue to Grow in Boston With Opening of New Happy Lamb

The Cambridge restaurant now has a counterpart in Chinatown

Happy Lamb Hot Pot
Happy Lamb Hot Pot spread
Happy Lamb Hot Pot/Facebook

A second local Happy Lamb Hot Pot outpost has opened, this time in Boston’s Chinatown. The first regional Happy Lamb opened in Cambridge’s Central Square in March of 2016, and both are relatives of the Little Sheep Mongolian hot pot restaurant chain.

Chinatown’s Happy Lamb Hot Pot has an assortment of broths to choose from, along with meats priced a la carte. Broths are available mild or spicy, and diners can order half portions of two broths for “the best of both worlds.”

For items to dip in Happy Lamb’s broths, there are several lamb offerings, plus beef, ox tongue, and chicken. Further options include meatballs, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, tofu, noodles, and dumplings, and there are side dishes like sesame bun and potstickers. Desserts include yam mochi with red bean and crispy fried rolls.

Ovine-themed hot pot restaurants abound in Boston; in addition to the two Happy Lamb Hot Pot restaurants, there’s also a Little Sheep Hot Pot (the two are affiliated) near the new Happy Lamb in Chinatown.

Happy Lamb’s arrival is one of several recent hot pot openings in Boston. Allston, in particular, has seen a lot of new openings — and was already home to several hot pot places, too. The newest additions are Mala Kungfu, Pot Bar, and Tasty Pot.

Update, November 7, 2018: A group of former and current employees of the Cambridge location have filed a lawsuit against Happy Lamb alleging various violations, including tip theft, failure to pay overtime wages, and failure to comply with tip credit legal requirements.

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Happy Lamb

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Happy Lamb Hot Pot (Boston)

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