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New Dorchester Cafe Serves Ramen, Steamed Buns, and Matcha Lattes

Neponset Cafe offers casual counter service

Pork belly buns
Pork belly buns
Neponset Cafe/Facebook

Dorchester recently welcomed a casual new restaurant, and it serves a mix of Asian dishes and cafe fare. Neponset Cafe (400 Neponset Ave., Boston) serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including ramen and steamed buns. Order at the counter.

The cafe side of the menu includes hot chocolate, tea, and coffee beverages, including lattes, frozen coffee blends, espresso, and more. For food, there are bagels with cream cheese, omelets, and toasted Vietnamese baguettes with ham, pickles, cucumbers, and soy sauce. Breakfast items are priced between $2 and $6.

For lunch and dinner, appetizers include miso soup, pork belly buns, chicken skewers, gyoza, shrimp spring rolls, and chicken wings in three styles. Entrees include various noodle soups — several types of ramen and pho. Neponset also has a lunch special each day, such as rice bowls with chicken, beef, or shrimp.

The cafe operates seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Located steps from Morrissey Boulevard, it’s one of only a few dining options in the immediate area. Dorset Hall is down the street, as is a cafe called Mud House, but that’s about it until you hit Adams Village a little under a mile to the west. There, diners will find Molinari’s, Lucy’s American Tavern, and a few other options.

Neponset Cafe [Facebook]