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Beacon Hill Pub Closes, but Not for Good [UPDATED]

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The longstanding dive bar shuttered over the weekend, but it’s temporary

Beacon Hill Pub
Beacon Hill Pub
Beacon Hill Pub/Facebook

A longstanding dive bar in Beacon Hill has closed a few months after new ownership took hold. Beacon Hill Pub bid farewell to the neighborhood in a Facebook post over the weekend, which read: “It’s been real, Boston. Thanks for all the love over so many years. Get home safe!”

Beacon Hill Pub had been a popular bar for many years (and a fixture on Eater Boston’s go-to dive bars list). In July, news came out that a group of real estate investors operating under the name the Greater Boston Bar Co. purchased the building housing Beacon Hill Pub, along with the buildings housing two other classic dives, the Tam in the Theatre District and Mary Ann’s in Cleveland Circle.

Through its attorney, the Greater Boston Bar Co. told the Beacon Hill Times in August that the group looked forward to continuing to operate the establishments “for many years to come.” Now that Beacon Hill Pub has closed, however, it’s unclear what will happen with the space.

Eater has reached out for more details on the future of the building and will provide any updates when new information becomes available.

Update, 2:45 p.m.: Greater Boston Bar Co. has provided the following statement (and the headline of this article has been updated accordingly):

The Beacon Hill Pub will be reopening soon under new management with no changes to this Boston institution that patrons have enjoyed for so many years. We are delighted that the character and charm of this wonderful pub will remain the same and we look forward to serving the BHP’s loyal customer-base and creating many more memories.

Additionally, The Boston Globe reports that per co-owner Julius Sokol, the reopening could happen later this month, as soon as a license is transferred, and he reiterated to the Globe that no changes are planned.

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Beacon Hill Pub

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