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Puritan & Company to Launch Delivery-Only Restaurant This Winter

Puritan Trading Company will begin catering to on-demand eaters in February

A restaurant interior is photographed during the day, toward the large front windows, lit up by sun. The walls are light blue; the space is rustic but polished.
The dining room at Puritan & Co.
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Beginning in February, a Puritan & Co. sibling will begin feeding eaters without requiring them to leave the comfort of their own homes. Tracking with increased demand for fine-dining delivery options, Puritan & Co. chef-owner Will Gilson is opening Puritan Trading Co., which he described to the Boston Globe as a “ghost restaurant.”

Puritan Trading Co.’s menu will differ significantly from Puritan and Co.’s — pan-seared monkfish and mussels don’t exactly travel well, after all. A sample menu (which is very much still in development) sent to Eater from a Puritan Trading Co. representative included items like a crispy chicken sandwich on a potato bun served with pickles, iceberg lettuce, and sweet and sour sauce; spicy fried cauliflower with scallions, sesame seeds, and chilis; street food-style seared udon noodles; grilled beef short ribs with a ginger-scallion sauce; crab rangoons; and fried whole-belly clams with squid ink aioli.

The food — which is all being developed specifically to travel well — will be cooked in the Puritan & Co. kitchen and packed in the space next door. A representative from Puritan Trading Co. told Eater via email that they’ll be working with existing food delivery services to fulfill their orders.

According to the representative, the concept grew out of a desire to offer eaters food that didn’t exactly fit on the Puritan & Co. menus but that Gilson and his team wanted to cook regardless.

“We let this idea of delivery service take hold and make it so we could have a creative and fun way to still make unique dishes for guests that also travel well,” said the representative.

And Puritan Trading Co.’s price points are what an eater might expect from delivery: Everything will be priced from $8 to $18.

While delivery-only restaurants — aka “virtual restaurants” — are relatively unknown in the Boston area (with a few exceptions, such as True Taste Seasonal Kitchen, which opened last year in Needham), they’ve been spreading around the country for a couple of years now, especially in New York City and San Francisco.

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for more news from Puritan Trading Co. as it approaches its debut date.

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