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Angora Cafe Appears to Be Permanently Closed

The Boston University campus staple may not reopen as planned

Angora Cafe
Angora Cafe
Official Site

A Commonwealth Avenue cafe that’s become a staple for Boston University students will apparently not reopen as planned. Angora Cafe (1024 Commonwealth Ave.) had closed for renovations recently, with messages on its website and answering machine stating that it would reopen in a few weeks, but according to several tips from readers, the cafe’s windows are still papered over — and now there is signage indicating that the space is available to lease. Plus, Angora Cafe’s website was taken down a few days ago.

Angora was known for its broad customizable frozen yogurt options, as well as smoothies and sandwiches. It featured a Mediterranean-inspired menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including egg and cheese sandwiches, flatbreads, wraps, and items like hummus, tabouli, and quinoa bowls.

Eater has reached out to Angora Cafe for updates on the reason for the change in plans but has not yet received a response. As of January 11, there are no indications that a replacement is lined up for the space.