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The Hot Spot Brings Cantonese Staples to Allston’s Harvard Avenue

Go for the braised beef brisket, stay for the wonton noodle soup

The Hot Spot
The Hot Spot
Terrence Doyle for Eater

All those students who just moved back into Allston last weekend will be happy to discover a cheap new dining option on Harvard Avenue. The Hot Spot serves up Cantonese specialties like braised beef brisket, shrimp wonton noodle soup, and a variety of Hong Kong-style baked rice dishes, and nothing on its menu costs more than $11. Though they’ve been open for about a month, the Hot Spot’s manager, Claire Chiu, says there hasn’t been a grand opening yet, and they’re continuing to test things out.

“Right now, we’re doing a trial,” explains Chiu. “We’re seeing how people like our food. What we should keep on the menu, and what we should take off.”

So far, Chiu says customers have been loving on the braised beef brisket, the beef tripe, the wontons and wonton soup, and especially the congee.

“Not many restaurants in the neighborhood serve congee,” explains Chiu. “And the price is low — mostly, our customers are students. We try to think about their financial needs.”

Hot and spicy wontons at the Hot Spot
Hot and spicy wontons at the Hot Spot

Chiu says business has been okay so far and that she hopes it will tick up even more once the restaurant begins to advertise.

“Our customers now are basically all just walk-ins,” she says. “Then they tell their friends. For now it’s just word of mouth.”

Chiu says that the Hot Spot is planning on having a more formal opening at some point next week, though she didn’t name an exact date. Keep an eye out, Allstonians.

The Hot Spot is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Beef brisket and beef tripe at the Hot Spot
Beef brisket and beef tripe at the Hot Spot
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The Hot Spot [Official Site]

The Hot Spot

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