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The Broadway to Open in Old Boston Beer Garden Space This November

Joey Arcari’s second revamped Southie location of the year

The Boston Beer Garden
Boston Beer Garden

Tavern in the Square’s Joey Arcari is changing the face of the Southie dining scene, one iconic restaurant at a time. Earlier this month, he opened the Punk & Poet in his old Playwright space, and come November he’ll be opening a replacement for the shuttered Boston Beer Garden, of which he was also a co-owner. The Broadway — which will serve brunch, lunch, and dinner seven days a week — is slated for a November 1 opening in the former Beer Garden space.

Arcari told Eater via email that he decided to shutter the Boston Beer Garden and try something new because the team “just wanted a change.”

“We have been in the neighborhood for the last 22 years, and with the transformation that South Boston has experienced in the last five years, we wanted to grow and change with the city,” wrote Arcari. “We are lucky to have been a part of South Boston for so long, and we welcome the new energy that these other restaurants and businesses have brought. You could say they made us rise to the occasion.”

The creative force behind the Broadway’s kitchen will be Tavern in the Square chief operating officer Paul Booras, but Arcari noted that the operation will be more of a collaborative effort than a one-man show.

“In our kitchens, it’s not just one person that is running the show but an entire team.”

Arcari said that the food and drinks menu isn’t set yet, and that they’re still in the research and development phase. But he’s excited to see what his team comes up with.

“For both the Punk & Poet and the Broadway, we really took the time to create a menu that would attract an array of different people. For both locations, the food and cocktails are the most important,” he said. “Building a creative menu is something that cannot be rushed. The items that have made the cut, we are really excited about.”

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The Broadway

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