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More and More Ice Cream Rolls Head for Boston

This one’s another New York export


Another New York ice cream shop that specializes in Thai-style rolled ice cream will open a new location — or two — in the Boston area. I-CE-NY, which has its roots in Thailand (under the name I-TIM-PAD) and operates several locations in New York and elsewhere around the country, will add its first Massachusetts location at 217 Newbury St., according to Universal Hub.

The chain’s tagline emphasizes its focus on “smashed and rolled ice cream,” which has caught on at several shops around Boston in the last year. This will be the first of its kind in Back Bay, but others are spread around the area, including Hi B3ar and NextDoor Cafe in Allston and New York’s Juicy Spot Cafe in Chinatown, as Boston Restaurant Talk noted.

I-CE-NY’s ice cream flavors include matcha, Thai tea, chocolate, and vanilla, among others. With 20 options for mix-in items — ranging from berries to caramel sauce, cheesecake, and cookies — there are plenty of opportunities for customization. There are also more than 30 toppings to round out the frozen treat.

In addition to the forthcoming Back Bay location, I-CE-NY’s website indicates that a location is also “coming soon” to 1110 Commonwealth Ave., which is in the Packards Corner section of Allston.

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I-CE-NY (Back Bay)

217 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116 Visit Website

I-CE-NY (Allston)

1110 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, MA 02134 Visit Website