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Chick Chick Boom Will Bring an Explosion of Chicken Flavor to Cambridgeport

From the owner of Thelonious Monkfish

Chick Chick Boom logo
Chick Chick Boom logo

A sushi restaurant in Cambridge’s Central Square will get a much different younger sibling in nearby Cambridgeport. Jamme Chantler, the owner of Thelonious Monkfish, will open Chick Chick Boom at 80 River St., and as the name implies, the restaurant will focus on chicken.

Chick Chick Boom takes over the former Frozen Yogi space, as Boston Restaurant Talk first reported. Chantler has once again partnered with Thelonious Monkfish chef Ginger Phomjun for the new restaurant, which seeks approval from the city of Cambridge’s licensing board this week. The space accommodates 16 to 18 people, and there will be ample options for take-out and delivery.

The menu will be much smaller than that of Thelonious Monkfish, Chantler told Eater in an email, and it will bring in flavors from Southeast Asia, Japan, and the U.S., serving as “an outlet for some of [Phomjun’s] culinary ideas,” Chantler said.

Chick Chick Boom will feature chicken wings in around 10 different flavors, including Buffalo, teriyaki, and barbecue. There will also be fried rice dishes and Thai entrees, such as kao man gai, a steamed chicken dish with coconut jasmine rice.

“If we are blessed with approval from the Cambridge Licensing Board, we will install a two-bay wok stove, an additional fryolator and will re-paint the interior and install a sign outside,” Chantler said. Chick Chick Boom goes before the board Wednesday evening, and if all goes well, plans will move forward.

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