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Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen Opens in the South End

With flatbreads, fattoush salad, and a labne bar

Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen
Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen

Boston’s South End neighborhood now teems with Eastern Mediterranean flavor thanks to the arrival of Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen at 35 W. Newton St. The family-run restaurant draws inspiration from owners Raffi and Nina Festekjian’s Armenian-Lebanese heritage, and the menu centers around a special cooking tool.

The “saj” part of restaurant’s name refers to the convex griddle that cooks the flatbreads, which form the base of the bulk of the menu: M’anoush flatbreads come topped with everything from za’atar spice blends to labne (strained yogurt), hummus, spicy red pepper, spiced lamb and beef, and so much more. Anoush’ella also serves a selection of salads, grains, soups, and a labne bar, which features assorted toppings from olives and tomatoes to nuts and berries. Additionally, for dessert, there are sweet m’anoush flatbreads topped with chocolate, labne and fruit, and ricotta and honey.

Anoush’ella means “may it be sweet” in Armenian, which is “an expression of the love, pride and enjoyment that goes into serving someone who enjoys your food and thanks you,” a note on the website reads. The restaurant is located at the corner of W. Newton Street and Washington Street, near Flour Bakery and Stella.

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