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Witty Banter to Replace Whiskey in Cambridge’s Inman Square

Wit’s End is taking over the Hops Test Kitchen & Raw Bar space

Hops N Scotch Cambridge
The now-closed Hops Test Kitchen in Cambridge
Katie Chudy for Eater

A Cambridge restaurant that focuses on whiskey, scratch recipes, and beer has closed its doors, and a new bar will soon step in to take its place. Wit’s End will move into the space at 1248 Cambridge St. that until recently belonged to Hops Test Kitchen & Raw Bar, as Boston Restaurant Talk previously reported.

The new bar has labeled itself a “casual, neighborhood place for those wishing to be with their friends, have a fun drink, dine on some small plates, play some games and engage in witty banter, friendly debate and perhaps win (or lose) an argument,” per a prior job posting on Craigslist.

While the windows are now papered over at Hops Test Kitchen in Inman Square, the original Brookline location, called Hops N Scotch, remains open.

Pete Stein, the brains behind Wit’s End, has documented progress towards opening the forthcoming spot on his blog, making note of a few key developments, including securing approval for a liquor license transfer from Cambridge. Stein has also secured parking spaces for the bar and will be making all the wooden tables himself.

While there’s no set opening date for Wit’s End yet, Stein estimates some time around early November, per the blog. Stay tuned for more details on the forthcoming bar.

Hops N Scotch in Cambridge's Inman Square to Be Replaced by Wit's End [BRT]

Wit's End

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Hops N Scotch (Inman Square)

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Hops n Scotch

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