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Pareja Will Bring Spanish Tapas to Wink & Nod This September

It replaces Kaki Lima


Kaki Lima has filled the South End with lots of Indonesian-inspired grub since taking up residence at Wink & Nod, but the restaurant’s time at the culinary incubator is nearing a close. Luckily, diners won’t have to wait long for the next installment: Pareja takes over the Wink & Nod kitchen on September 11, bringing with it shareable small bites and plenty of Spanish fare.

The new concept is led by Aaron Lhamon, formerly of Troquet on South and the now-defunct Aka Bistro. His menu will focus on the dishes and delicacies of Spain, ranging from smaller snacks like grilled sardines and assorted cheeses to larger entrées like paella, chicken roulade, and whole-roasted fish.

Chef Aaron Lhamon

“Pareja is meant to share, to bring people together around the table, to evoke the old tradition of family-style dining,” Lhamon wrote in a press release. “It’s meant to be a social occasion and the making of happy memories.”

Once Pareja takes up residence, it will be the seventh culinary concept to come through Wink & Nod. Past pop-ups include the Greek fare of Pelekasis, the Nepali-inspired cuisine from Gita, and the coastal Italian grub from Little Owl Tavern.

As for Kaki Lima, Wink & Nod’s current tenant, the future is still up in the air. Co-founder Peter Gelling told Boston Magazine the restaurant will end its tenure a bit early for some “future plans,” such as bottling and selling their sambal, a spicy condiment, but a permanent home is still a ways away. Kaki Lima’s last official day of service is Sunday, September 9, so make sure to say a proper goodbye before then.

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Pareja at Wink & Nod

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Wink & Nod

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