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A Classic JP Dive Bar Will Shutter

Drinking Fountain is closing, and in other dive bar news, Charlestown’s Old Sully’s has shut down

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Exterior of Drinking Fountain dive bar in Jamaica Plain
Drinking Fountain
Ándrea Pentabona for Eater

A dive bar in Jamaica Plain will close down after decades in business: Drinking Fountain will say goodbye to the neighborhood, leaving its 3250 Washington St. space soon, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. The bar dates back at least to the 1940s, with a few changes over the years, and the current owners took over from their father in 1977, as previously reported; he had owned it since 1945. The bar could close towards the middle of the month.

In Boston writer Luke O’Neil’s 2011 book Boston's Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in Beantown, O’Neil rates Drinking Fountain “five bottles,” denoting that it is an extreme dive, or: “A wretched outpost of scum and villainy. Welcome home.”

Meanwhile, another institution of Boston’s dive bar scene recently shuttered, this one in Charlestown. Old Sully’s, perhaps best known by non-regulars for its cameo in the Ben Affleck drama The Town, has closed, BRT reported. In March, Old Sully’s petitioned the city to transfer its liquor license to Roslindale restaurant Guira y Tambora, and now the windows are boarded up at Sully’s, with a Facebook post showing “no trespassing” signs.

Update, 8/19: Drinking Fountain is now closed.

Confirmed: Drinking Fountain in Jamaica Plain Is Closing [BRT]

The Drinking Fountain

3520 Washington St, Boston, MA 02130 (617) 522-7335