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The Fireplace Is Closing (for Real This Time) After 16 Years

August 31 is probably the final day for the Brookline restaurant

The Fireplace
The Fireplace

The Fireplace will close after 16 “excitement-filled years,” according to a newsletter sent today by chef/owner Jim Solomon. Located at 1634 Beacon St. in Brookline’s Washington Square, the restaurant will likely celebrate its last day on August 31, Solomon writes, but stay tuned for updates.

Three years ago, Solomon announced that he would close the restaurant to focus on catering, clearing the way for New Haven pizzeria Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana to open in its place. However, that did not come to pass: Solomon decided to keep the restaurant open, and Pepe’s later opened its first Boston-area location in Chestnut Hill.

But now, the restaurant is closing for real (Solomon did not reveal what will be taking its place.) Over the past 16 years, the Fireplace has been serving a very New England menu — from local cheeses and charcuterie to lobster rolls, cod cakes, and spit-roasted chicken — as well as hosting various events centered around colonial times and other history-driven topics.

Solomon’s letter:

To my Fireplace family:

At long last and after 16 excitement-filled years (and when I say excitement-filled, I think we can agree that I'm not exaggerating!), I have decided to close the restaurant.

Like Hollywood marriages, restaurants generally don’t last that long, and I’m honored that this one has. I am so grateful to all of you who have made The Fireplace your home-away-from-home, met blind dates at our bar, invited me to be part of your charity galas, shared burgers with your kids on our patio, and spent the holidays with us.

Over the years I've had offers and interest, and come close before (as many of you know) but the timing hasn't been right until now. Everything I do I want to do with gusto, and for the moment that's taking on the project of getting healthy, alongside my beloved family (as I write this, I'm scheduled for surgery and walking around with a cane). Fortunately for me and my love of New England, I also get to be part of something I love in the Hartford Yard Goats, and I hope to see some of you at the ballpark in the years ahead.

I have always been a true foodie, a devotee of all things local, and hopefully a friend to farmers. But I think my favorite parts of this business have been the opportunity to celebrate American history, to help my community, and to call all of you my friends.

Love, Jim

P.S. Our last day is likely August 31st. Until then, I hope to see you at the table next to me; let’s enjoy this last month together.

Update, 8/3/17: A Brookline resident has purchased the space, reports The Boston Globe, and will open a Mediterranean seafood restaurant there.

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The Fireplace

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