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Todd Maul Is Serving Cocktails at a Mexican Restaurant in Somerville (and More Updates)

All of the Blue Room’s stuff is up for auction today, Galleria Umberto is still going strong after all these years, and other news bites

Todd Maul
Todd Maul at Cafe ArtScience
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Welcome back to Morning Briefing, an almost-daily round-up of mini news bites to kick off the day.

Rotavap Cocktails

Acclaimed local cocktail wizard Todd Maul has departed the restaurant formerly known as Cafe ArtScience to open his own neighborhood bar somewhere, but for the moment, he’s popping up every Tuesday and Wednesday at Cantina la Mexicana in Somerville’s Union Square, reports Boston Magazine, breaking out some of his old science-y toys and serving up Maul classics like the Steven C. Soon, he’ll start playing around with a beverage chiller called the Coldwave.

I'll be making Steven C's and other Todd drinks at Cantina La Mexicana Tuesday and Wednesday

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Pizza Talk chats with Galleria Umberto co-owner Paul Deuterio about the classic North End pizzeria’s past, present, and future. (And no, it’s not closing, and the owners don’t plan to sell it as long as they’re healthy enough to run it.)

Take Home a Piece of the Blue Room

Today (August 2) at 11 a.m., the Blue Room and Belly Wine Bar are auctioning off everything from meat slicers to heat lamps to ice machines. The sibling and neighbor restaurants closed at the beginning of July; they had reopened in September 2016 after being closed for a year due to a fire.

“Allergic to All Sauces”

The Boston Globe examines chefs’ willingness to accommodate an increasingly large volume of increasingly specific requests, thanks to greater awareness of food allergies but also an explosion of fad diets. But is the customer always right?

One Thing You Should Eat Today

Some days are made for sneaking out of work for an extra-long lunch and strolling along the beach with a giant New York-style slice of pizza in hand. Make this happen at Bianchi’s, a classic Revere Beach spot, where the slices equal a quarter of a pie. (Slices are cheese only. Want toppings? Get a whole pizza.) Cash only.

A pepperoni pizza sits in an open cardboard pizza box on a stone surface, with a mostly empty beach visible in the background
Pepperoni pizza at Bianchi’s
Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

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