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Spring Shabu-Shabu Replaces Maki Maki in Brighton

Hot pot alert

Spring Shabu-Shabu
Spring Shabu-Shabu

Brighton welcomed a new restaurant for hot pot last month with the opening of Spring Shabu-Shabu. The restaurant kicked off business at 304 Western Ave., according to Boston Restaurant Talk, opening with a grand celebration at the end of July.

With another location in Flushing, NY, Spring Shabu-Shabu specializes in Japanese-style hot pot. Diners are served thin slices of meat or seafood with assorted vegetables, noodles, and more, all to cook in a broth at the table. Guests choose items for their meal from a buffet selection, and there are five different options for broths, ranging from dashi with bonito flakes and kelp to a spicy pork bone version and a vegetarian version. The items cooked in the broth give it more flavor as the meal progresses, and diners can add noodles or rice at the end to soak up the remaining broth.

Boston’s Spring Shabu-Shabu location took over for Maki Maki, a sushi-focused restaurant that closed last spring.

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Spring Shabu-Shabu

304 Western Avenue, , MA 02135 (617) 202-5422 Visit Website