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Top Stories of the Week: Outstanding Breakfast Sandwiches; Essential Burgers; More

Miss any important news? Catch up with this weekly archive of Eater Boston's most-read stories

The Kirkland Tap & Trotter burger, served on a bun with poppyseeds, alongside fries.
The cheeseburger at the Kirkland Tap & Trotter
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater
  1. The Hottest Restaurants in Boston Right Now, July 2017: So hot right now.
  2. Outstanding Breakfast Sandwiches in Boston: Behold, some of the Boston area's most mouth-watering all-in-one breakfasts: on croissants, on biscuits, on point.
  3. Eat All of These Essential Boston Burgers: A meaty to-do list.
  4. Brick & Beam Tavern Opens This Evening in Quincy: Chicken parm sliders and lobster rolls.
  5. 25 Hot Dogs to Eat Around Boston This Summer: Embrace hot dog season with this must-eat list of old favorites, newcomers, and seasonal specials that will disappear before long.
  6. Brookline’s Not Getting a Worthy Kitchen After All: The popular Vermont restaurant ran into road blocks with the building.
  7. An Oleana Alum Opens Her Own Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont Today (and More Updates): A gelato cart, loads of awards, and other news bites.
  8. The 80 Thoreau Team Will Bring Mooncusser Fish House to Back Bay: Seasonal seafood and a tasting menu of fish.
  9. Where to Eat Ice Cream in Boston: News, maps, and guides related to the growing Boston-area ice cream scene.
  10. Beer & Mortar: Castle Island’s New Taproom Opens in Norwood: Drink Candlepin and bring your own snacks.

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